I saw a Ready-Made book cover that I liked, but I now I can't find it.  What happened to it?

Most likely it means that the Ready Made cover has already been sold or spoken for.  Contact me for verification (and provide the name of the design if you have it), and we can discuss possibilities of creating a custom cover that has elements of the one you were previously interested in.

Why are some Ready-Made covers more expensive than others?

Since each design is unique, the price of each design is also somewhat unique.  The price of each cover takes into consideration the images and fonts that were purchased to create the design as well as the amount of time that it took to create it.  

I try to use inexpensive images as long as they have the desired "look", but sometimes...especially with historical images that are harder to find, you have to pay $$$$ to get what you want.  The same goes for fonts.  There are a lot of great free fonts available for personal use, but sometimes you have to pay for commercial usage, or the font that really gives a cover that special something is one you have to pay for.

Can someone else buy the same exact Ready-Made cover that I purchased? 

No, each design is unique and will only be sold once.

Can I make changes to a Ready Made cover?

Absolutely!  The Ready Made covers are somewhat generic, which doesn't mean they aren't beautiful...it just means that they weren't designed with your story in mind.  We can add elements, take them out, change fonts, alter colors...and while I can't promise to be able to create everything you had in mind, I will most certainly get as close to your vision as possible.  The only downside is that there will be design fees charged at an hourly rate added to the cost of the Ready Made price.  Something to consider:  if you have significant changes you would like made it may be in your best interest to commission a Custom Book cover rather than altering a Ready Made Cover. 

Where do you find the images used in your designs?

I use several different sources for the images used to create the designs.  I have listed a few of my favorite stock photo providers on the Contacts & Helpful Links page.  Also, sometimes authors provide their own legally obtained images for a design, but I need to make sure that I have a license to use them.  I try to stay away from photos on Flickr and other such sites,  even though some have creative commons licenses just as a precaution.

Can I provide my own images for you to use in a custom book cover?

Yes, though you must provide proof that you have license for me to use the image, and the image must be of usable size and quality for the design.

How long does it take to have a custom cover made?

Depending on outstanding commissions, the process normally takes a few weeks to complete.  Once I get a good idea of what you want I like to complete it as quickly as possible, but it will also depend on how quickly you can answer questions I may have, or provide feedback on the samples that I send to you.

What is the process to design a commissioned cover, bookmark or other design?

If the commission is for a custom book cover, first I will send you a worksheet to complete to help me get a feel for the type of cover you would like.  After that I may ask your input on some choices of images, or fonts for the design at which point I will send you samples of your cover to get your feedback on what you like, or would like changed.  The samples I send will have watermarks on them, but once a design is finalized and full payment for the design has been received I will send you the file in the sizes you will need sans watermark and optimized for the sites you plan to use them on.

What are the dimensions of the Ready Made covers, and can I get a larger version if I need it?

The Ready Made covers are optimized for digital use only at places such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, your website, Facebook & Twitter.  The overall dimensions will be approximately 500 x 800 (give or take).  I can provide you with smaller versions of the cover at no additional charge as long as you let me know where you plan to use them and the size requirements, however I can't provide you with a version larger than the original design on a Ready Made cover.  Generally speaking this shouldn't be a problem unless you plan on using the cover in a print version of your book.

Why does the size of the ebook cover design matter?

The larger the image the more you can do with it.  It's easy to size down, but you can't size up without sacrificing image quality.  As a result it is more expensive to buy stock photography in larger sizes, which is why the Ready Made covers are not oversized.  And for the most part an image of approximately 500x800 (give or take) will be more than adequate to fit your online needs.  However, if you commission a Custom Book cover I do ask you what size of cover you will need so that it will fit all of your needs.

Can I get a cover in more than one size?

Yes, I am happy to provide additional smaller sizes of both Ready Made and Custom Covers at no additional charge.  However, I can't resize a book cover larger than the original design.

Will you design things other than what you have listed?

I would be happy to try!  Please use the Contact Form to email me to discuss possibilities.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this point in time all payments need to be made via Paypal. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due for Ready Made covers when your selection is made.  However, commissions for custom projects require a 50% deposit of the base price, or the cost of the stock images/fonts purchased (whichever is greater) and the remaining amount is due when final approval has been received.

What if I change my mind, can I get a refund?

Once work has been started to personalize a Ready Made cover only a partial refund will be given (subtracting out time spent at the hourly design rate).  For custom commissions a partial refund will be given (subtracting out the cost of any items purchased for the design, as well as time spent at the hourly rate).